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​Some winter changes at The Outpost in Armington!! The weather isn't the only thing that's cooled off. The business climate has, too. We find ourselves needing to adjust our schedule, cool our heals, and save some money. We're going into a "Seasonal Hibernation". We will be open for special events only. Keep an eye on our front yard sign or our FaceBook page for upcoming special events. We will have some new food specials on Thursdays. We will have a tenderloin special with our sauce reminiscent of the schintzel sauce from days past at a popular Route 66 diner. We will run that special along with our own re-creation of the chicken flautas with Jalepeno jelly that you used to get from a very popular Tex/Mex style restaurant in Bloomington. We will still have wing night with our own home-made sauces that you can't get anywhere else. We're slowing down a little and going to hibernate a little, but that don't mean we're going away.. Keep and eye on our Facebook page, our website at
http://www.armingtonoutpost.com, and our front yard sign.

!!!  We're in Winter Hibernation Mode  !!!
Email Us Anytime at  

Our Hibernation Hours are:
Closed Sunday Through Wednesday
Thursday 8:00am - 10:00pm with Dining specials every week

Friday - Saturday Open For Special Events Only - To Be Announced